Forget Talk Therapy Or Digging Into Your Past. Instead, Discover:

How to Address the Real Source of Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, and Past Trauma!

New Book Reveals: How I Eliminated Knee-Jerk Reactions to Triggers, and Regained Control Of My Emotions For Good……Without Expensive Pills, Digging Into My Past, or Weekly Sessions of Talk Therapy

Hey! My name is Bob.

For 18 years, I struggled with something that was labeled an addiction.

I tried everything, from Talk therapy and meditation, to psychedelics and spiritual retreats, but nothing seemed to work.

The problem was, all of the methods I tried only worked to treat the symptoms… but they never seemed to address the cause of my compulsive behaviors.

(They’d sometimes work for a short time…but a week or a month later I’d be right back at square one — or very close to it…)

I thought I was doomed to be under the control of this addiction forever, until I discovered a way of dealing with emotional problems that I’d never heard of before.

It actually sounded kind of counterintuitive…

Bob Gardner

I help people leave stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, and trauma behind using the body's innate ability to eliminate mental, emotional, and physical pain without the need to spend weeks, months, or years talking about your past.

Hey! My name is Bob.

For 18 years, I struggled with something that was labeled an addiction.

I tried everything, from Talk therapy and meditation, to psychedelics and spiritual retreats, but nothing seemed to work.

The problem was, all of the methods I tried only worked to treat the symptoms… but they never seemed to address the cause of my compulsive behaviors.

(They’d sometimes work for a short time…but a week or a month later I’d be right back at square one — or very close to it…)

I thought I was doomed to be under the control of this addiction forever, until I discovered a way of dealing with emotional problems that I’d never heard of before.

It actually sounded kind of counterintuitive…

Bob Gardner

I help people leave stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, and trauma behind using the body's innate ability to eliminate mental, emotional, and physical pain without the need to spend weeks, months, or years talking about your past.

The Way This New Method Worked Was Actually By Not Focusing On The Emotional Side Of The Pain NOR On The Behaviors – (The Anxiety, The Stress, The Trauma, The Triggers, The Incessant Thoughts...)

More on exactly how it worked in just a second.

What's important here is that often within 5 or 10 minutes of using this approach (and sometimes in as little as 30 - 60 seconds), I felt:

  • Complete control over my emotional states (like I could actually choose my own emotion whenever I wanted to)...

  • Freedom from the very “triggers” that used to lead me back into my destructive behaviors…

  • An incredible sense of calm, rather than worry that I would inevitably fall back into my old ways…

  • And a powerful sense of optimism and confidence in the future that I’d not felt in a long time because I started seeing my behaviors change without having to “will-power” my way through them…

It felt incredible!

So different than anything that I’d tried before, yet so simple.

Eventually, it turned into a kind of “mini-business” where I was actually helping people who had been struggling with these same feelings – sometimes for decades – to do simple things that made their feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, and even childhood traumas and decades-long addiction disappear on their own.

…And nope! You don’t even have to grow a beard like this for it to work! 😉

“It’s Nice To Have Happiness In My Soul Again.”

“This Is Healing For Our Whole Family!”

“I Began Feeling Exuberant Joy”

“I’ve Never Felt Joy Like I Am Now.”

“Being Home At Christmas For The First Time Without The Addiction: A New Feeling!”

“I’m Enjoying The Longest Period Of Sobriety In 13 Years.”

“For The First Time In I Don’t Know How Many Years I Am Totally Clean And Free.”

So What Exactly Did I Do That Was Different?


I went to the real source of the problem. 

I stopped looking to conquer my complicated and confusing emotional battles in the place where they were playing out—the battlefield of my mind

Instead, I addressed the physical reactions that naturally flared up whenever I came face to face with any of my so-called “triggers” — the sweaty palms, the tight chest, the racing heart, the shallow breathing.

Rather than merely “cope” with emotional reactions or “white-knuckle it” until I finally felt some semblance of calm and control again, I simply retrained the physical sensations and instincts that actually create those feelings of anxiety and disorder in the first place.

In short, I found simple physical solutions that solved my emotional problems before they ever got the chance to go to war.

If, like my dad, you’re raising your eyebrow right now because that sounds counter-intuitive or unclear, no worries.

Here’s What I Mean:

Let’s say a person has always had a fear of the dark, ever since they were a child.

Whenever they're in a dark room (or a dark anywhere), they can’t help but react negatively to being in the pitch black – fear, dread, sadness, confusion.

It might seem like talking them through those emotions would be the best course of action, like the way a lot of therapy works. Many people try this approach and at least find some level of comfort that helps them cope and move on.

But Coping With The Dark Is Not Freedom From Fear Of The Dark.

You see, it’s not really the dark that’s the problem for that person, as much as it might seem so.

It’s their body’s instinctive physical response to the dark that is suffocating them – not the dark itself. As soon as the lights go out:

Their throat tightens…

Their heart beats its war drum…

Their eyes scour the room for danger…

Their palms start sweating like it’s time to ask the popular girl on a date…

Their fingers tremble…

Over time, that person’s body has quite literally developed a habit of engaging its “emergency systems” whenever they encounter a situation which is even vaguely reminiscent of being in the dark!

Even if it was, say, just that a light bulb suddenly burnt out. 

To them, it makes zero sense why they would feel afraid or keep reacting that way when they know they are safe. What they are missing is one key understanding:

…The Body Will Continue to Engage Its Protective “Emergency Systems”, Until It’s Been Trained To Do Something Else!

And that’s good news! Having those negative reactions means there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the person. Their body is doing what it’s designed to do. 

And if it can learn to be afraid of the dark—which didn’t come at birth because up until that point, a dark womb meant comfort, safety, and care—

…Then it can also learn to relax and only turn on those “emergency systems” when they’re actually needed! 

But that requires retraining the body, not the mind.

It requires bypassing the endless litany of “limiting beliefs”, traumatic memories, and “root issues” and going straight to the source of the issue—the body’s reaction to its present-moment environment.

This Is Often The Reason Traditional Forms Of Therapy Tend To Be Extremely Slow, Very Temporary, Or Even Completely Ineffective.

Sure, talking through things can create some level of brief comfort or relief, but it rarely addresses the actual source of those nagging feelings, destructive thoughts, or compulsive behaviors.

I’ve presented alongside some brilliant counselors and therapists who are aware that the body is important…but they still spend their time in MINDfulness instead of BODYfulness.

The Real Key To Lasting Change Is To Deal With And Retrain The Actual, Physical Instincts That Create Emotional Pain In The First Place.

Put another way:

We want to turn your Emergency Survival Systems into an Olympic-level athlete, instead of an amateur player at the local rec center. We want to actually give your body the skills to handle things on its own so that your mind and emotions are free to go enjoy your life.

That’s all I did for myself. 

I figured out that freedom was a skill, not a pill. And it was a skill that could be quickly turned into muscle memory so that no “white knuckling” or willpower was needed to be free for good.

Once I did that, all the emotional problems started going away on their own.

When I finally started showing other people what I had done, the success stories began flooding my inbox:

“My Life Has Done A 180 Degree Turn Around…”

“There’s This Feeling I Have Not Had In A Long Time Like Something Good Is Going To Happen, Perpetually.”

“...Not Stressed, Feeling In Control Of My Future, And Optimistic For Everything Ahead.”

“The Whole Way I View God And My Life Has Shifted!”

“Best Money We Ever Spent.”

“I Started As A Skeptic, But After A Couple Times Doing It…It Felt Super Cool And Kinda Blew My Mind.”

“This Is Probably The Best Decision I’ve Made In The Past 25 Years.”

Frankly, I’ve spent the last several years trying to figure out how to let more people know about this missing piece of the puzzle. 

So I finally sat down and took an entire year to write a book that lays it all out.

The Result Is Called Built For Freedom.

Inside the book, I use case studies, history, exciting scientific findings, and some very personal stories to help you grasp the beautiful simplicity of this body-based approach to finally letting go of emotional struggles with:

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Addiction

  • Past Trauma

  • Chronic Pain

  • Self-Confidence Issues

…and more, by simply addressing the real source of these problems – the physical sensations and instincts which have a bad habit of setting off all the wrong alarm bells in your head.

The Way I Do This Is Not Through Some Rigid, Step-By-Step Process That Might Work For Him Or Her…But Doesn’t Work For You.

Instead, I wrote everything out with very specific (and very real) stories that share these techniques in a way that you can either let simmer in your brain, or personally follow along with and test the results in your own life as you go.

I’ve watched these very same, almost-stupid “tricks” help four-year-olds with recurring nightmares…

…All the way up to 83-year-olds dealing with everything from PTSD, depression, addiction, anxiety, low self-esteem, betrayal trauma, child abuse, binge eating, behavioral ticks, and even chronic pain.

Inside Built For Freedom, I have given you the foundation of that same skill set.

To help you get a glimpse of what the experience will look like, I've detailed below some of the things you get to discover inside the book - plus a couple of extras I wanted to add to help you apply what you learn even faster.

Are you ready?


Built For Freedom

Inside this little book adventure, I walk you through the why's and how's that this direct, body-based approach has helped myself - and thousands of others - to eliminate the real source of anxiety, stress, past trauma, and addiction. That includes detailed descriptions of how I have guided others so that you can follow along right from your armchair.

It’s just $4.99 to get access to all of that plus extra tools and trainings that I've tossed in so you can get the most out of it. More about those down below.

This is not about talking about your problems.

It’s not about diving into your past to try and uncover some root cause, “limiting belief”, or past trauma.

It’s not even about “coping with” or “managing” the trauma, stress, and anxiety that you might have experienced.

This is about retraining the instinctive, negative physical reactions of the body so that you eventually become un-triggerable.

(Because when you successfully retrain your physical response, the emotional reactions go away on their own.)

As you read—or even physically follow along with—the stories, examples, and personally-tested methods that I share inside the book, you’ll catch a glimpse of how simple the answer really can be.

You can pick up a copy of Built For Freedom for just $4.99.

The bonuses that comes along with it (which I'll get to in just a bit) will help you apply the techniques within and rediscover the effortless joy I talk about even faster.

Also, if you do decide to pick up a copy, I'll share a couple of other products, courses, and resources I've created specifically to help you make what you learn inside into a living reality in the most efficient way possible.

Make no mistake though: These additional resources are 100% optional and not mandatory to help you reap the rewards of the techniques I share inside of Built For Freedom.

They’ll simply help you to reap those rewards faster.

That said, I can’t wait for you to dive into Built For Freedom and discover the same process for dealing with stress, anxiety, past trauma, depression, and addiction that has now helped thousands of people.

Get Built For Freedom + The Bonuses For Just $4.99

You’ll receive a digital copy of Built For Freedom, plus the 2 Bonuses.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Bob’s Work:

“This Has Been The System Of Healing That I’ve Been Searching For For So Long.

“I Never Thought That Making This Change Could Be So Easy.”

“They Know How To Heal You From Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Etc…”

“I’ve Spent Over 14 Years, And A Lot Of Money Searching For Freedom From Pornography/Anxiety/Depression. Bob’s Program Was The Program I Was Searching For.”

The Lessons Inside Built For Freedom Work Best For Those Dealing With…

  • Stress…

  • Anxiety…

  • Depression…

  • Addiction…

  • Past Trauma…

  • Overwhelm…

  • Lack of Self Confidence…

  • Emotional Baggage…

  • Mental Baggage…

  • Any Kind of Suffering…

Here’s a Look At the Stories of Self-Discovery You’ll Read About Inside of Built For Freedom:

  • What An F-14 Fighter Pilot On A Collision Course With A Friendly Plane can teach you about controlling your own emotions in even the most tense of situations…

  • The Story Of Lee, A Child Abuse Sufferer And Who Struggled With Years Of Past Trauma despite becoming certified in trauma therapy and speaking for a national organization, and how he was able to let go of that lifelong pain with just a few days of intense work…

  • The Simple Reason That No Amount Of Talk Therapy, Digging Into My Past, Or Psychedelics could help free me from an 18-year addiction…

  • “6’10”, 380lbs, And Coming Right At Me” …how nearly getting my head caved in by one of my clients taught me about one of the biggest lessons about dealing with long-held trauma…

  • The Story Of Brad, Who Rediscovered The Joy Of Life Despite Having Lived With A Constant Level-2 Happiness, periodic suicidal thoughts, and twelve years of medication….

  • The “Key” To Happiness Isn’t Some Pill, It’s A Skill. (What skill exactly? Check out page 8 for the answer)…

  • “I’m Worried That My Cycle Of Negativity Will Get Passed On To My Children…”: The eye-opening lesson to be learned about dealing with depression, from a loving mother and her child that’s beginning to show signs of her mom’s own trauma

  • If You’re Confused About Where To Turn After You’ve Exercised All Your Options, that’s actually a good thing; discover why on page 12…

  • You Know That Feeling You Get When You’re Tilting Your Chair Back And You Think It’s Gonna Fall For A Second? It’s Like That Feeling, But All The Time…for Years.” Discover the story of Kyrie, who broke the lifelong grip of her anxiety and regained control with the help of this approach…

  • The Simple Self-Assessment, I use to actually measure how much stress is stored in my body at any given time…

  • The Key To Becoming “Untrigger-able”, even in the face of your biggest sources of anxiety (Page 20 for more details…)

  • The Simple, Three-Minute Breathing Practice I do at least once a day to stabilize my emotions, even on the most challenging of weeks…

  • The Story Of Chase, A Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over a decade of experience helping clients cope with depression, anxiety, addiction, and why his own teachings seemed to fail him when he needed them most…

  • This Is The Single-Biggest Stumbling Block most people run into when trying to achieve mental wellbeing and automatic happiness (page 29)…

  • The Simple Approach I used to train my body to completely eliminate even my deepest-rooted triggers…

  • A Weird-Yet-Important Lesson that the Latin word angustia can teach you about handling any kind of emotional pain or behavioral problem…

  • The 2 Strangely Simple “Lenses” that my client, Tucker, used to look at his life that helped him turn around 18 years of failure in a matter of weeks…

  • How To “Push The Right Buttons” In Your Body (just like a computer) so that you’re better able to deal with all types of mental crises, emotional meltdowns, and unexpected “triggers”…

  • The Story Of Aaron, and how his broken ankle acted as the catalyst for the same drug addiction which had taken the life of his son…

  • The Stunning Revelation About What Addiction Really Is, and what happened when a 19th Century army surgeon tried to cure it with gold in his patients’ tonics…

  • “The Myth Of The Demon Drug,” and the real reason so many people often turn to illegal narcotics or destructive habits to deal with emotional pain…

  • What A Cigarette Lighter, A Bird’s Feather, And A Rubber Hand can teach you about how the body actually processes pain (physical AND emotional)...

  • And The Story Of Me, Bob, and my journey to ditch depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and an 18-year porn habit…

The Effectiveness Of This Method Has Been Eye-Opening For The Counselors And Therapists I've Shared It With!

J. Marshall Lamm (CMHC)

is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor with a master's degree in Mental Health Counseling and is the owner of Lifeworks Counseling.

"I couldn't more highly recommend Bob's character and approach to healing and soul expansion. Where conventional talk therapy falls short, and unfortunately it often does, Bob stands at the ready to pick up the slack."

"Very rarely do I see people get down to the root cause. Nor do I see them get there very quickly, effectively, and turn things around.

Bob has a unique way of working with people that gets them freedom, transformation, and happiness. He helps them step into enjoying their lives and enjoying their partners without the need for some of the things that we become addicted to.

I can't recommend Bob enough. He is sort of the go-to person for me if I need to refer out. He has all of the foundational work there but is not limited by what we can do as therapists."

Misty McIntyre (LMFT)

is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Sex Therapist, and Georgia board certified.

Each Of The Stories Inside Of Built For Freedom Are 100% Real And Unfiltered.

No censorship. 

No embellishment. 

No fables framed as coincidental anecdotes.

Just the true stories of the many people I’ve been privileged to help who’ve each struggled in their own way to deal with trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction, and more.

If you’re worried that this approach may not work for you, allow me to say this:

Congratulations! You’re normal! Nearly everyone has that worry pop up because we don’t want to put our heart and soul into something that could backfire.

I felt that many times over the years while looking for answers. That’s why this is in book form. It’s a chance to just dip your big toe in the water instead of throwing yourself into the deep-end.

Test it out. See if it strikes a chord with you.

The Specific Problems You Face Are Definitely Unique To You, But The Way Your Body And Mind React To Those Problems Is Universal.

That is what this book is here to help you understand. 


So that you can reverse engineer your life to produce happiness, peace, and well-being automatically.

This approach doesn’t require you to spend your days diagnosing, treating, or recovering from each individual struggle.

You don’t have to be a medical professional, a therapist, have a doctoral degree in psychology, or be up on the latest trends in neuroscience to be able to live free of the constant, nagging fight with worry, pain, fear, trauma, or addictive behaviors.

That would be like learning all about electricity and becoming an electrician just to fix a problem with the lights. Nothing wrong with that. But not everyone wants to be an electrician.

Instead, this is about learning to simply turn on the light switch.

To add more light in your life so you can spend it doing the things you actually care about. 

And that starts with “turning off” the unnecessary alarm bells in the body that, in turn, “trigger” all those emotional and behavioral issues.

It’s A Way Of Actually Eliminating Those “Triggers” For Good.

Everything I share is backed by years of medical research, personal research, and thousands of in-the-trenches results.

My goal isn’t to help you understand or make heads or tails of what’s inside the box of suffering you’ve been carrying around on your shoulders for so long.

I simply want to show you how to put that box down.

(No matter your age, background, personal struggles, or the history behind how your box got stuffed with all that pain and struggle.)

It's Possible For Anyone To Set That Box Down For Good If They Follow The Right Steps.

And To Help You Rediscover the Joy of Being Alive Even Faster, I Also Want to Throw in These Bonuses – Completely for Free:


The Essential Freedom Podcast Collection

I have a pretty cool little podcast called Alive and Free, where I share ways to gain freedom from any and all kinds of suffering. 

There are already almost 200 episodes to sift through, so what I’ve done in this “Essential Freedom Collection” is handpick the blockbusters for you.

You’ll get access to 9 of the most listened-to and hard-hitting podcast episodes I’ve ever recorded on dealing with anxiety, depression, self-confidence, and stress, trauma, and more.

Some of them are actually a few of my older podcasts (i.e. before I could put them on Spotify or Apple Podcasts), so some of these episodes are actually only accessible in this little bundle! Anyway, I really think you’ll find them helpful.

Get The Essential Freedom Podcast Collection Included At No Extra Cost With Your Order Today!


An Adventurer's Guide

Within the pages of An Adventurer’s Guide, you'll uncover three innovative techniques: the BREATH Switch™, EMOTIONAL Ninjitsu™, and the DELETE Button™. 

Each method is detailed in an easy-to-follow, practical format, allowing for immediate application and lasting benefits.

Discover the BREATH Switch™ and learn to balance your body's chemistry, offering a new perspective on managing stress and anxiety. 

EMOTIONAL Ninjitsu™ will equip you to turn emotional and physical discomfort into opportunities for growth and resilience. 

The DELETE Button™ technique is your key to neutralizing emotional triggers and enhancing your inner strength.

These are the step-by-step instructions of the practices I discuss in the book Built for Freedom.

They provide practical solutions to common emotional challenges, fostering a life of balance and contentment.

Get An Adventurer's Guide Included At No Extra Cost With Your Order Today!

Get Built For Freedom + The Bonuses For Only $4.99

  • Digital Copy of Built For Freedom

  • The Essential Freedom Podcast Collection

  • An Adventurer's Guide

  • 365-Day Guarantee For Your Purchase

You’ll receive a digital copy of Built For Freedom, plus the 2 Bonuses.

No Questions Asked

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s My Promise to You…

Inside Built For Freedom, you’ll adventure through plane crashes, short stories, case studies, weird science, and my own time-tested discoveries to help you start bypassing the mind and work directly with your body to retrain it for automatic happiness, peace, and well-being.

You’ll likely notice a few things start changing just because of the perspective shift from reading it. If you follow along with what’s there, you’ll feel even more happening, but I also get that not everyone may jive with this approach.

Which is why I want to extend a 365-day guarantee for your order on this page. That gives you a whole year to read the book, go through the bonuses, and try out the methods within to see if they don’t help you to re-inject play and laughter back into your life and rediscover the joy of being alive.

This Is a


If you’re not satisfied with the book or the bonuses for ANY reason…

Just send a quick email to [email protected] and I’ll send you a full refund for your purchase, no questions asked.

I’m rooting for ya, my friend.

Get Built For Freedom

+ The Bonuses For Just $4.99

  • Digital Copy of Built For Freedom

  • Bonus: The Essential Freedom Podcast Collection

  • Bonus: An Adventurer's Guide

  • 365-Day Guarantee For Your Purchase

You’ll receive a digital copy of Built For Freedom, plus the 2 Bonuses

Questions? I Know You Might Be Asking Some of These!

Q: How does your method work exactly?

A: People often look for “triggers” or trauma to explain their feelings and behaviors. Could be another person, an event, something that happened in the past, or even a book, movie, or advertisement. But those external “triggers” aren’t what actually create your emotional responses. If so, then you and I would feel the same way even if we were unconscious or zoned out for the whole experience.

Yet that’s not what’s really going on. Instead, it’s the body’s instinctive, physical reaction to the environment that starts the domino train. Things like sweaty palms, tight chest, a racing heartbeat.

This gets interpreted by the brain as, “Oh no! Something is wrong! What do we do?”

While most therapy tries to get you to understand that you have triggers or traumas – so that you can manage or cope with them better – this method works a little differently. Instead, we work to retrain those physical reactions so that the alarm bells only ring when absolutely necessary.

And what happens when your body is no longer gripped by unnecessary breath holds, gut bombs, and jittery fingers? Well, then there’s no reason for your mind to freak out either.

The result? The thoughts, emotions, and behaviors the mind is used to serving up go away on their own—without having to talk through them or “white knuckle” it.

Q: What makes this form of therapy different from others I’ve tried?

A: Probably the biggest difference is that this isn’t “therapy.” It’s more like learning to walk or drive a car. We’re looking at making you an elite athlete in the sport of automatic happiness. No more sitting on the sidelines wishing for a chance to play. Consider this quirky book your ticket to bootcamp, your invitation to “heaven” week, your cheat codes to beat the boss at the end of the level.

I certainly learned some helpful things from many of the programs I tried over the years, but most of them were either only focused on getting rid of the behavior (not dealing with the core issue) or on just one narrow part of the issue — my thinking.

Those are definitely important pieces of the puzzle, but they are tiny in comparison to what else is going on. AND… they are only symptoms. Every thought, feeling, and behavior is a byproduct of a much deeper, physical pattern. THAT was what kept me stuck in a cycle. But nobody was talking about where that pattern came from and how it was also linked to my body, my breath, my movement, etc.

Once I started addressing ALL of those fundamentals in some key ways, the addictive tendencies started going away almost on their own - without the struggle. So this is a much more holistic approach to living joyfully in such a way that, as a nice bonus, tends to make depression, anxiety, addiction, and trauma go away by themselves.

It takes the focus off of fighting those addictive behaviors or racing thoughts, and instead trains you on how your mind and body work so that they begin to produce freedom and happiness by default.

It's a bit of work in the beginning, but I try to keep it stupidly simple and fun. In the long run, it’s actually the “lazy” way out. Because once you “become” freedom, it just goes with you wherever you go!

Q: Is this just going to be a bunch of really heavy emotional stuff, digging into my past, and all that motivational cheese-ball stuff?

A: Not at all! Look, I love to laugh, be goofy, learn cool things, and actually enjoy myself. I probably tell too many dad jokes, too. Because there’s no use in training your body that the way out of struggle is more struggle. It has to feel lighter, freer, and more enjoyable with just a touch of challenge. That’s the only way to make it stick. So I share everything with that in mind. I treat it like a game, a cute story, or a juicy factoid.

There are plenty of movie references, goofy antics, and ridiculous analogies in just about every chapter of the book, because the point is to actually enjoy your life even when dealing with tough stuff.

Remember, the focus here isn’t on fighting off the enemy but on learning to live so joyfully and free that there simply isn’t room for struggle, pain, or addiction anymore.

Q: Do I have to completely reinvent my life and give up everything I love to really succeed at this?

A: Nope. Just the stuff you hate. How’s that? And what if “reinventing your life” meant making it even more enjoyable? Instead of thinking of this like some kind of burden or loss, what if it just felt like a Christmas present? I mean, you add those to your life and rearrange the furniture to make room for them without any problems. So what if this was like that? A gift.

Besides, this is only a book. It’ll take time to read. So you’ll have to at least give it that much, There is no requirement to give up anything else to start benefiting from what’s inside. And if you wanted to add 10 or so minutes per day to put into action what you learn because it’s just that exciting... then you'll be able to do that, too. And you will have only gained a shot at teaching your body to give up its habit of unhappiness.

Q: How long will it take to see changes happening?

A: I wish I could tell you. You’ll definitely feel some changes the first time you try out some of the breathing, movement, visualizations, and questions inside the book. But they won’t become an automatic habit right away (at least they didn’t for me). They also build on each other over time. So it’ll take some testing and playing around with them until you find your groove. The bigger changes can sometimes start showing up within a few days or weeks. But they definitely happen if you 1) are enjoying the process, and 2) keep enjoying it over time (aka - stick with it).

Q: How do you know that this stuff actually works?

A: No one on earth can say that something will work in every single possible case. Everything I share is definitely backed by years of medical research, personal research, and thousands of in-the-trenches results. But none of that is you, and what’s most important here is that you know this works for you.

That starts with actually testing it out for yourself. What I share is simple. It doesn’t require any special equipment, surgeries, medications, professional supervision, or a subscription to some elite membership club. This kind of freedom is your birthright. It came gift-wrapped inside your body. You just need to unwrap it, grab the user’s manual, and take it out for a spin.

Q: Do I have to grow a beard like Bob for this to work?

A: Nope…but it might help. 😉

In all seriousness: I know that’s a silly question, but I want you to know that you don’t have to be like me (or any of the other thousands of people who’ve succeeded with this approach) for this to work.

This is about you finally getting a chance to learn all the things you should have been taught growing up about how your mind and body actually work to produce happiness and well-being with as little work as possible.

It's like learning to drive a car. The skills are more or less the same for most vehicles. That’s what you’ll learn here. Where and how you choose to drive once you catch the knack is up to you.

Get Built For Freedom + The Bonuses For Only $4.99

  • Digital Copy of Built For Freedom

  • Bonus: The Essential Freedom Podcast Collection

  • Bonus: An Adventurer's Guide

  • 365-Day Guarantee For Your Purchase

You’ll receive a digital copy of Built For Freedom, plus the 2 Bonuses.

About The Author

I’m Bob Gardner, a self-confessed expert at lame dad jokes, and also someone who spent decades of life struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and compulsive use of pornography and drugs to help me cope.

I started studying this stuff out of desperation to not have to live the rest of my life with the daily mental and emotional struggle to “keep it together.” As I picked up bits and pieces that worked, I started sharing them with students. That was over a decade ago.

That includes everything I've learned from 30+ years of martial arts and movement training, mindfulness, meditation, functional psychology, healing therapies, and more. It’s a hodgepodge of simple, direct skills that have now helped thousands of people graduate from the endless cycle of pain, drama, and relapse.

When I’m not busy helping people find their long lost freedom from anxiety, past trauma, and addiction, I love spending time with my 6 awesome kids and my beautiful wife, Jasmine (and yes… that does include an occasional long walk on the beach).

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We are not doctors, physicians, counselors, or therapists. We are coaches. As a result, we do not diagnose, cure, treat, or prescribe treatment for mental health issues. What we do is help eliminate the root problems that have contributed to the struggle and empower you with skills to be able to live a life that gives you MORE than the behaviors ever did. That way the struggle often vanishes or goes away on its own without having to treat it at all. If that's the kind of help you are looking for, schedule a call here.

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